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We are Croatia wedding photography and videography couple and “about us” part is very important to us (and should be to you too) because we strongly believe that we must have “the click” and connect to be able to capture your day the best way possible and that is honest, raw and natural.

We are not fans of artificial photos and we like to say that “forever is composed of nows” so that’s how we like to work – now, in a moment, capturing the real you and your emotions. We are really trying to make everything more personal and natural with all beautiful simplicity in between and not staged/faked situations.

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So, we are Iva & Goran – wife & husband, wedding and couple photographers and videographers. We met 2004. and got married/became parents 2012. After many successful years in the business, we finally started our own photography studio in November ‘17.

We are a big family of five: one two-legged boy Jakov (Messi/Federer) and two four-legged “kids” Ice (the Amstaff) & Nika (the wild cat). The grown-ups love a glass of fine wine, France (even better together), beer when wine doesn’t suit and capturing everything about love and friendship through lenses. We are really passionate about what we do and pretty much invisible on your wedding day.


A little (more) about us so we can connect better:)



I worked in media agency in digital world and quit my job on a last day of 2018. before our 1,5 month long trip to Australia. Totally unrelated – I’m deeply in love with Paris, so my best day can be described as coffee and breakfast in La Boheme and wine in Aux Trois Mailletz (now you know where you must go in Paris!) and if you are getting married in Paris, be sure I’ll do it just for the plane ticket and pour un verre de vin rouge:)

I was born in Rijeka, Zagreb became my city when I met Goran and a year later started college here (master degree in Communications). I’m a #crazyplantlady and big animal lover, specialized in dog kisses and hugs:) (our animals have their own Instagram account which is not very active but it’s cute:) I adore rings and bracelets, love all kind of candles (can say I’m pretty much crazy about fragranced ones), Billy Idol, Jessie Ware, Novi Val (guilty!), Bananko chocolate and an absolute favorite – Kinder Pingui, ankle boots, all kind of jackets and coats, tattoos and beer when wine is too fancy for that day. I hate being late (and that’s all about hate which I also hate). These are my private Facebook and Instagram accounts so we can connect if you like (sorry, but my IG is full of selfies with dogs) 🙂

And this picture below is just me with my signature wannabe-messy-but-just-out-of-order ponytail and being supremely happy about feeding a lamb!:)

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I’m a journalist on a radio station in educational program and my whole life I was in contact with all kinds of cultures, interacting with everyone from 1 to 99 years old and that has greatly affected my easy-going character.

I was born in Zagreb, lived downtown and for the last 10 years I’ve been living in the suburbs, enjoying all the advantages like much more meadows and fields for walking my dog:) I love good music regardless of genre, good sarcasm, tech, and gadgets. I’m capable of eating an amazing amount of chocolate and making amazing milk foam. I’m terrible at cooking but my fave food is fried chicken, junk food from time to time and pasta bolognese but trying to eat healthy because I’m passionate tennis playe:) I like everything good in people, dogs, more dogs, every dog, wooden furniture, hipster haircuts (but don’t have one), summer, sports, and drones. I don’t like when there is oil missing from my car (and I drive an Alfa Romeo so that’s pretty much all the time), waking up early in the morning and MATH (percentages especially!). Here are my private Facebook and Instagram accounts with all kinds of photography.


About us – talk about opposites: Goran is amazing with lenses from 14 to 35mm, while Iva is the best from 45 to 85 mm lenses. Goran likes moody and dark tones, but Iva loves warm ones. Goran doesn’t know what organization is and Iva is slightly OCD. Goran drinks coffee with lots of milk while Iva chooses black coffee. We can go on like this for hours, but hey, we are happy and married!:)


And HECK YEAH we’re available for travel wherever you want to tie the knot:)

If you plan to have a destination wedding, tell us about your wishes, maybe we are planning to be somewhere near your destination on our vacation so you can save travel expenses. Get in touch if you think we can match!:)

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This is us!


I love all kind of candles, Billy Idol, Bananko chocolate, meeting new people, ankle boots, leather jacket, tattoos and, guess what? Paris!


I love good music regardless of genre, good sarcasm, tech, and gadgets. I'm capable of eating lots of chocolate and making amazing milk foam.

Jakov & Ice

"A boy can learn a lot from a dog: obedience, loyalty, and the importance of turning around three times before lying down."